Miami Is Calling…



Imagine you have woken on the shores of an art deco paradise, drenched in the pastel turquoise, pink and yellow architecture that reflects the colours of the sunset. Palm trees and sun shades let the timeless character of the city resonate across the waves, reflecting the intensity of neon lights. Canopies of soft draping draw the focal point to a stage framed with LED screens, high street signage and technicolour sea shells.


The Miami theme was voted by you as your favourite new theme of 2021, that offers a comprehensive venue transformation of a stage, interactive installations, standing props, canopy, photo opportunities, signage and lighting. Trends in pastel colours and art deco vibes have led the rise of boulevard interiors that can be seen across restaurants and cafes to beauty salons, cinemas and home decor. The relaxed and free spirited atmosphere created by Miami vibes is giving everyone the escape they are desperately searching for.


We are updating this boutique theme for 2022, to give even more personality to this American dream. The buzz of the metropolis is infused with tropical foliage, pink flamingos, electric neon and poolside glamour. Beach grooves and surfboards set the scene for a shoreside party or spa-like retreat. The perfect design for a bar or hotel which can become its signature trademark.

Whether you have an event, cafe, restaurant, hotel, gym or other space, there are no limits to what can be achieved with Miami style. Temporary installations can transform a venue to give the Miami-themed show of the year, with a complete stage and interior setup. Permanent interior designs can be installed within your premises, to let your customers take their own getaway trip every time they visit your business.


Photo opportunities let attendees show off the city adventures of your attendees or customers, as they dive into branded ball pits, pose on hot pink beach huts or relax on poolside deck chairs. They share branded images from your experience both online and offline, giving you wide social reach that is more powerful than direct marketing. Anything can be achieved with either a temporary or permanent Miami setup, just get in touch with one of our design experts for a free consultation.