New trends in the experimental events



What people expect from events is changing all the time. In 2020 we saw a move towards events which tell a story in order to engage and wow a distanced audience, and expect that to continue in 2021. The focus now is on immersion, and it’s important that all the visual and sensory elements fit together to create a world to become fully immersed in.


With Tomorrowland Festival as a prime example, stages which transform into a dramatic setting surround attendees in a unique visual world. For the attendees, this means they can completely lose themselves in the moment and forget about anything else. For the event IllumiNaughty, who have set up stages at Boomtown Fair, Free Earth and One Tribe Festival, each set up is unique but joined by its devotion to immersive design. After a year of being stuck inside, people no longer take for granted what an event means to them. Because of this it’s important to give your guests an experience they are never going to forget.


0.leader-Boomtown - Visual Architects - web upload-August 10, 2019(1)


With a demand on ever advanced visuals, there is the pressing need for new technologies to keep up with it. Technology such as multi-axes robots allows for more realistic installations with full customisation for any space or theme that you can think of. The greeter the attention to detail, the more realistic and immersive the setting, and is how truly great experiences are pulled off.


Another way events are expanding their capabilities is by employing performers to add a theatrical element to their experiences. Using dancers or acrobats not only gives another layer of dynamic visuals, it can help portray a story surrounding your brand. Characters portrayed by actors also add a great level of interactivity to events. As with any other part of the design, it works best when used within the specific theme that you are working in. They can also be guides through different areas of your event and encourage attendees to interact with the elements such as photo opportunities, games, tasting sessions and more.



All of this goes towards the stories that we are seeing events tell about themselves, story that attendees are invited to take part in. Boomtown Fair takes this one step further with each event a continuation of the story from the previous year, leaving their fans craving the next edition.


But all of these changes have to be taken in the context of the ever changing restrictions put on live events. However, restriction breeds creativity, and many events have developed apps over 2020 which take advantage of conference call technology. Small groups can interact with your traditional live event via an app, and their experience can then be shared among other groups, creating exciting conversations around your brand. This develops the experience for your attendees and expands your brand’s reach to new and diverse audiences.