Hotels Are Designing The Future Of Travel


Hotel rooms feature centrally within many travellers’ adventure plans, as a candid place to become a home-from-home that grounds you in a destination. Hotels are now transforming the details that bridge the gap between just a place to sleep, and a true experience in itself, which will change the way we see travel.



A hotel room experience becomes the brand, as the comfort and intrigue of the setting lands in a traveller’s memory. We have seen concepts famously develop across brands such as the Disney hotels, Ibiza Paradiso and Tropicana Ibiza Suites , who have created iconic art deco looks across their premises. Bright colours, dramatic shapes and contemporary designs create a suite-style atmosphere throughout the hotel, from guest rooms to the poolside.

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With a rating of 4.5/5 for the Ibiza Paradiso Hotel on TripAdvisor, and as 2nd best in the south of Ibiza, it is clear to see that its style has a significant impact on the reception from its customers. What each review has in common is the appreciation for the decor style of the hotel, which has kept guests returning for the premier experience year after year. The expansion of this hotel soared after engaged customers shared their holiday photos online, featuring the hotel’s glamorous setting and branding. This result can be seen across many hotels who deliver their own trademark as an experience, as one of the most powerful marketing techniques of businesses today.


Another technique to generate returning customers is by offering a collection of experiences and themes; a method fast growing in popularity. This can include the creation of different styles and themes between hotel rooms, such as a savanna safari, urban or boutique fairytale setting, for the guest to always have something new to come back for. Rooms decorated in faux foliage can become different environments, with greenery, flowers and lighting which are adapted to either tropical, temperate, arctic or urban looks.


Immersion into an experience is key to making it memorable. Hotel rooms, bars and restaurants can bring a setting to life by hitting more of the senses. Delicate scents of the rainforest, meadows or mountains can fuse with your theme and become a powerful reminder of the hotel. Performers from dancers to comedians, acrobats and meet and greet characters showcase your story to your guests and give them something to remember.


There are no limits to the adventure your guests can become a part of, and remind them to continue to discover the world of art and design as much as distant cities and forests. If they cannot get to the jungle themselves, the jungle will come to them, complete with showers and air conditioning. The rise of social media marketing positions the experience-led design of a hotel as a key driver of customer and ROI growth, with a significant impact on reviews, shared online content, word of mouth and press coverage.

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