The Skyline Transformation - Five Palm Dubai


More people than ever from around the world are exploring the Golden City, being pulled in by the
glamorous allure of everything from striking gourmet restaurants to the new look of the rooftops.
Our team at Visual Architects have been taking the opportunity to join in transforming the locales of
the city into brand new styles that are becoming the signature of major brands.

In an age where the customer experience is more important than ever, events and businesses from
hotels to restaurants have been using décor installations to drive a better connection with their
audience. Each user experience allows them to identify with the brand ethos and message as part of
their own lifestyle.


Five palm -venue transformation

Garden in the Sky

For the rooftops of the luxury Five Palm Jumeirah hotel in Dubai, our team created a ‘Garden in the
Sky’ experience, transforming the stylish white bar into a flourishing, hidden escape. Designed as the
ultimate space to relax in a landscape of hanging gardens, it was also the perfect look for photo
opportunities across the bar, sending the brand’s style out across social media.

A vibrant, overgrown setting was built up with large, statement inflatable flowers that enhanced the
tropical vibe and hyper-real nature of the look. Deluxe foliage was used to cover the white walls to
complete effect, which included bamboo, bonsai trees and hanging light boxes of exotic fruit.
The final product allowed the bar to have a brand new aesthetic that was bold, colourful and
designed to bring to life the luxury character of the bar, with a vogue twist on a natural setting.


Diseño sin título

Alice in Wonderland

We enhanced the look of ‘Garden in the Sky’ with new features to transport the bar to the charming
world of Alice in Wonderland. With this theme we kept the brand message consistent with
additional designs to challenge the perspective and keep customers interested and entertained as
they returned to the bar.

Enchanting corridors, keyhole doors, life-size chess boards, hanging umbrellas, mythical signs and
fantasy backdrop décor accentuated the foliage, flowers and canopy, that all worked together to
give the bar a unique feel and atmosphere.

Brand Activation

All décor fit-outs for both businesses and events activate the brand across media channels. The
experiential setting creates a buzz and drives reach and discussion across social media and other
networks, which can be most effective with promotional videos and professional imagery.

As competition between events and businesses grows ever stronger, interior and venue design is
playing one of the most powerful agents in driving your identity and connecting your brand with
your audience. A consistent message is essential, but is also one that needs to be refreshed on a
regular basis to hold your audience’s attention.


Diseño sin título-1