Top Restaurant Design Trends of 2021


The hospitality industry has been through the biggest journey of any sector, other than events, over the last two years. From the uncertainty of flip-flopping regulations to social distancing measures, restaurants have devised some of the most creative schemes to bring patrons in and let them enjoy a comfortable environment. This creativity has given rise to a world of dynamic experiences that their customers can join in with, from immersive dining areas to candid photo opportunities. Let’s dive into some of the most inspiring restaurant design trends of 2021:


Restaurant Layout Trends

Many restaurants have updated their layout to provide a better dining journey from the moment customers enter the premises to the way they remember the evening. Service has become more efficient and faster, to let customers enjoy eating out in a more accessible way. Express kitchens and wider areas provide more options over what type of service can be received, and let the customer feel more in charge. The interior design of many restaurants now provides a more relaxing and entertaining atmosphere, which in addition helps to bring customers in and give them a positive memory of the premises.

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Unique Dining Rooms


From the social distancing rush of 2020 to letting people remember why they enjoy eating out again, restaurants have changed the structure of their interiors and exteriors in dramatic ways. Dining pods enclose a group of diners together in their own deluxe space, with attractive partitioning designed from faux foliage and flowers or intricate designs. Each space is given character with slogans, neon signs or other signage, that makes it easier to locate within the restaurant. Some premier restaurants have gone a step further, to give groups their own private ‘room’ within the premises, to give a high dining experience with a personal touch.


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New Spaces For Dining


To give customers more open air and their own space, two exciting new restaurant types have sprung up since 2020, and are fast gaining popularity. Rooftop bars and drive-in diners have become the trendy new places to grab a drink or bite to eat, whether warm or cold weather. Rooftop bars give the holiday-outdoor atmosphere all year around with high-tech outdoor heaters, decorative umbrellas, photo opportunities and themed decor. Drive-in diners revive the nostalgia of the retro age with 70s themed premises and staff costumes, while letting customers dine in their own personal space.


Where Is The Restaurant Industry Headed?


We can see that the priorities for eating out have shifted, and restaurants along with them. Customers want more privacy, faster service and more entertainment. Themed spaces and experiential interiors are becoming some of the most influential methods of brand awareness and social media reach, at a time when more interaction is done online than ever. To bring people back together and into real spaces, the industry is looking to dominate both online and in the real world through design, efficiency and experience.


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