The Height of Rooftop Trends


If there’s one way to get away in 2021, it’s to the rooftops. This new trend of bars and cafes has found the ultimate solution to the overcrowded streets teeming with coffee shops and saloons, which now come with an unbeatable view. Rooftop bars not only need an adequate method of vertical transportation for their guests, they also need a setting which transforms them into a true penthouse. Let’s have a look at the hottest rooftop trends over the year…



Canopy Paradise

When guests congregate at a rooftop bar, they often stay and socialise for longer than their downstairs counterparts, whether to take in the view, atmosphere or novelty of the scenario. As they are likely to stay longer, it is of paramount importance to ensure that their experience is fulfilling, engaging and memorable, and there is no better ambiance created than that with plants. Deluxe foliage, whether real, faux or a combination of the two, is one of the biggest trends of the last year for any interior or exterior, as understanding of the power of plants flourishes. Foliage is perfect for a calming rooftop cafe with a luxury atmosphere, incorporating palms, ferns, bamboo shoots, vines and flowers. Entrances can be created from immersive walkways of hanging vines and enchanting lights. The bar and seating areas can become part of a rainforest canopy with standing or hanging foliage elements, completed by stunning photo opportunities with greenery and branded signage.

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Miami Beach Bar


If we can’t travel to exotic destinations, rooftop bars are bringing them to us; introducing Miami themes of beach vibes and sunset dreams. The iconic architecture of the city re-imagines these cafes into the ultimate getaways which become a true experience. Bold archways, elegant palms, neon lights and bright pastel shades of pink and turquoise create a lifestyle that guests want to stay around. Signature photo opportunities let guests capture their Miami experience with brand logos taking centre-stage. Interactive photo opportunities let them join in a rooftop garden or pool party with fun and interactive backdrops, including elegant palms, hot pink and turquoise archways, deluxe faux foliage, LED lighting, beach chairs and props. A walk-in ball pit lets them take action shots with inflatable flamingos, lifeguard rings and neon signs.




Rooftop Airways

What’s more perfect of a rooftop theme than a cafe airway? A check-in desk greets guests at the entrance, where they check-in to check-out. Colourful and entertaining elements from airports and airlines fabricate the seating and bar areas, with added palm trees to give a vacation atmosphere. Booth seating is ideal, with individual spaces for small groups of guests, providing a sense of exclusivity as well as capturing the essence of first class travel.

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There has never been so much need to get away, and the hospitality industry is one of the foremost in need of support at this time. Discovering a rooftop bar with an iconic theme is set to be one of the highlights of the summer. 

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Do you have a cafe that you want to transform into the experience of the year? Discover our rooftop themes which are ready to go into action: