Importance of retro in design


Some designs are timeless, they grab your attention no matter how many times you’ve seen them. Retro styles are popular not just because they look great but because they create a feeling of nostalgia even for people who never lived through the eras that inspired the design.

When picking an era that you want to capture it is important to choose one that communicates the message of your event or brand. Whether this is the pastel shades and optimism of the fifties or the neon lights and bold colours of the eighties, the atmosphere that you are trying to create can only be improved by adding something familiar to the mix. Creating an interior that communicates a lifestyle surrounding your business or event is a great way to engage your guests and the vintage imagery lends itself perfectly to it. The colours, patterns and props from your chosen era already hold meaning to the people viewing them.

1-Retro Neon Disco- Visual Architects - web upload-January 23, 2019

At Visual Architects we understand the impact that a retro style can have, and that’s why we have a number of predesigned retro interiors for you to pick from. Imagine what it would be like to step inside an arcade game, and what you’re imagining probably comes pretty close to our Neon Disco. With Bright neon lights and eye-catching patterns this design encapsulates the eighties perfectly and would look perfect at any party, festival or club night.

Our Pop Art theme has a quirky, comic book feel that has proven engaging and popular since its peak in the 1960s. With its bright coloured canopy and hanging graphic shapes this interior really makes a statement while still giving off a free and easy atmosphere.

5-Retro Neon Disco- Visual Architects - web upload-January 23, 2019

Whatever era you want to bring to life, Visual Architects can help you with anything from neon signs to vintage props. The retro look is a timeless and effective way to stamp your brand in the customers imagination and to make your event, shop or business interior stand out.