Stand Out In The Crowd

You need to be seen, whether you run an event, sell products or provide services; there is the underlying question of how to make a mark on your customers which hasn’t already been done a hundred times previously. This issue has led to marketers dreaming up ads which have even gone as far as getting banned… But the way many companies are standing out today is not by using shock tactics, which can have varying results and possibly be detrimental to brand image. Instead they are building stronger connections with their core users or audience, which is far more likely to lead to stronger brand support and longer loyalty times. Experiences which brands can give potential customers are essential, in a way that adds value to the end user and shows that the brands understand their needs. Here are some inspirational examples of brand activation in action:




  1. LG Laundroo Lounge at Bonnaroo Festival

LG found a way to upgrade the festival experience, by reaching out to what attendees needed that was not already present. Their ‘Launderoo Lounge’ at the Bonnaroo Festival offered a free ‘wash and fold’ service with a live DJ and vintage clothes swap. The discovery of this free service which allowed attendees simply to walk into a stylish setting and freely revive their weathered festival clothes made an outstanding impact on attendees, as the company had connected to its audience on a primary level and when they needed it the most. Paired with hashtags #lifesgood and #getdirty, the Laundroo received over 7,000 visitors during the festival and generated 700 million social media impressions.


  1. Citi Sound Vault

This live music platform wanted to give its members more of what matters the most to them - connecting with their favourite artists. They gave Citi card members year-long access to arena level artists at smaller, more intimate venues, where they were able to more closely enjoy their performances. Each small venue was transformed into an immersive and memorable theme, which further enhanced the exclusive atmosphere of each event. Citi Sound Vault branding was backed with gold leaf and CD decoration, custom wooden speakers and luxurious draping. Each part of the experience was designed to feel as if it was one of a kind.


  1. Cisco Powered Global Tours

For Live Nation’s U2 Joshua Tree Tour in 2017, Cisco went a step ahead with music fans by providing an innovative solution to event networking and connectivity. By providing seamless networking capabilities which could easily be transferred between each event on the tour, they reduced production setup times and risks, while making the entry systems for attendees run smoothly and efficiently throughout the entire tour. By becoming a key provider within the tour, their name was given recognition as providing innovative solutions to fundamental problems.


  1. Lipton Ice Tea - Commuter Slip and Slide

A water slide is the last thing commuters expect to see at 7:30am on a Friday morning. So that is exactly what Lipton did in London, with an enormous yellow slip n slide which commuters could jump onto at Kings Cross station. Accompanied by their hashtag #beadaybreaker, they transformed the lives of London commuters by providing exactly what they needed; more summer fun on a hot day in the office. Taking the opportunity to hand out samples, Lipton had discovered the perfect way to get more potential customers to try its products on a day they would never forget, alongside a wide online presence.