Look Fantastic AND Love Island


The release of the Look Fantastic Beach Hut Beauty range was in an iconic partnership with Love Island. The collaboration was based on the shared beach and beauty aesthetic as well as to expand the reach and creative abilities of both brands. To actualise the decor of this event Visual Architects were called in to design and eventually install the interior at the event space.

The event setting was to create the perfect atmosphere to premier the latest must haves in beauty products. The aesthetic that the name suggests was that of pristine white beaches, rolling waves and relaxation in a luxury environment. While both companies complimented each other it was also important that neither of each brand identity was lost in the combination of the two. 

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By using bespoke CNC creations and installations, we created the perfect showcase for the products. With foliage designs and relaxed seating areas the Beach Hut Beauty look was captured perfectly with an atmosphere and aesthetic that represented both brands. A Love Island feature wall was completed with big inflatable love hearts, making the perfect instagram photo to achieve social media reach.

By creating a fully immersive design around this unique partnership, we developed the brand lifestyle around the beauty range, which their customers take part in and live day to day. Customers who identify with the brand evolve their own connection to the brand which can be strengthened with each promotion.


The best way to show off your company’s creative talents is to showcase them alongside others which compliment their style and usability. The best features of products are enhanced when promoted in a collaboration, with both being able to contribute new exciting concepts for the range and promotional events.

This not only expands the audience reach for each company but allows for innovative concepts for the signature marketing campaigns. This was certainly true for Love Island, Look Fantastic and Visual Architects, who worked together to create an unforgettable event to launch an exciting new product.