Design Design and Design


A study in the European Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, conducted by Dzremedo et al. (2019), “indicates that interior design was key to customer satisfaction (90.2%); it is also a vital tool in restaurant marketing as 94.6% of respondents stated that interior design was considered in maintaining customer’s loyalty in the restaurant industry.” This study also states that “several researchers found out that interior design and atmospherics directly affect customer satisfaction.”

So as you can see, restaurant design has a huge impact on customer generation and retention. 

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Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics tool also conducted a study, which found that “91% of customers pay attention to a restaurant’s design and the way those décor elements make them feel,” going on to say that “an appealing ambiance influences their decision to visit a particular concept.” 


Therefore it is essential for a restaurant to develop a theme that ties in with the cuisine they serve, as “customers carry expectations when they dine out, which is why farm-to-table cafés, ‘60s diners, and Latin-style tapas bars all must deliver on design.”


This is further confirmed by a study in the Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, conducted by Jin et al. (2012), which affirms that “building a favorable brand image is an important marketing strategy in order for companies to sustain an increased revenue stream in today’s marketplace.” This study then goes on to suggest that “understanding the mechanism for developing a distinctive brand image in the restaurant industry is important.”

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This shows that it is clearly important for a restaurant to have a unique design centred around a specific theme that encompasses both the cuisine it serves and the brand identity. Not only does this help the establishment stand out from its competitors, which in turn entices new customers, it also improves customer satisfaction and consequently builds a loyal customer base. Loyal customers equal repeat business, and they are more likely to recommend the establishment to others, meaning an enjoyable atmosphere is one of the best and easiest ways for a business to grow exponentially. 


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